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How to Receive Professional Referrals from ActiveRain

Great example of How to Receive Professional Referrals from ActiveRain by Nevin Williams of San Diego, CA and Carla Muss Jacobs of Portland, OR.

Members of ActiveRain that blog and comment consistently and give back to the community WILL receive professional referrals from the community. 

Give and ye shall receive!

If you have referral partners in the "real world", go the extra step and GET THEM ON ACTIVERAIN!  It will help your business and theirs as well.


telephoneI got a call from this Active Rain member who referred me to her client who needed mortgage financing.  Because of the unique nature of the Active Rain community I knew this person well.  As a matter of fact we have done multiple transactions together and I have flown out to meet with her on multiple occasions. 

The way Active Rain is designed, the commitment by it's members and because of the regular interaction, I knew this Active Rain professional long before we ever met in person.  As a matter of fact I know Active Rain members that I have never met, on a more personal level, than those who live near me who are not involved in Active Rain!

I get to interact with like minded professionals everyday about everything from mortgages and real estate to a loss of a loved one, new baby or graduating child.  Promotions, advancements, failures and successes.  Frustrations, tips, news, support and advice can all be found here as well. 

When I joined I anticipated making money from my active participation and that expectation has been met over and over again.  What I didn't anticipate was the friendships, knowledge and fun that I have gained.  Nor did I ever imagine that my relationships in Active Rain would account for about a third of my income.

When it rains, it pours!  There are a lot of other business and marketing ventures that are created outside of Active Rain by it's members collaborating and sharing their strengths. Website design, meetings, video shoots are just a few examples.

If you don't think you can blog, you can.  You have to want it and work at it just like anything else.  If you join hoping to enrich yourself without a willingness to give, you will be sadly disappointed and Active Rain won't work for you.  Constant participation to some extent is required.  Hard to keep a friendship if you don't spend time with a friend.  The same can be said here and the first name of this community, "Active" should be your clue.

Nobody will help you if you don't help yourself.  Reach out and make an effort to read other blogs, comment, share and pick up the phone.  Do all of the things that friends do with each other in this community and I promise you will have a great experience here.

Gotta go and cash my check! Courtesy of Carla Muss Jacobs who I met through Active Rain. Carla was the consummate professional and provided me the necessary documentation quickly so that I could do my job efficiently. Our mutual customer is nothing short of thrilled with our service, efficiency and transparency. Needless to say, because of Carla's tenacity, the loan closed right on time. 

I would like to once again say thank you to

Carla Muss Jacobs

portland oregon realtor

Carla's website

and thank you to Active Rain!


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How to Receive Professional Referrals from ActiveRain
Great example of How to Receive Professional Referrals from ActiveRain by Nevin Williams of San Diego, CA and Carla Muss Jacobs of Portland, OR Members of ActiveRain that blog and comment consistently and give back to the community WILL… more
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